certified social enterprise UKWe are a Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise based in Chester, Cheshire, welcoming friends, many who are experiencing loneliness, anxiety or depression, from far and wide to join us up-cycling pre-loved furnishings or simply to spend some time enjoying the company of good friends and watch the activities.

IF you don’t think up-cyling is for you just come along anyway and enjoy a relaxing time in our reading corner, or watching the birds at the feeders, or our super funny fishes, and our super cuddly guinea pigs. FREE cup of coffee or tea every time!



BUSY BUSY BUSY…our friends will have a GREAT reason to get out of bed every day!!

Why don’t you join us?

2 weeks to opening

We aim to open our doors to welcome YOU to our Friendship Hub on JUNE 1ST  2021 @ 11am… see you soon!