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Friendship Matters.





We are a Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise based in Chester, Cheshire, welcoming friends, many who are experiencing loneliness, anxiety or depression, from far and wide to join us up-cycling pre-loved furnishings or simply to spend some time enjoying the company of good friends and watch the activities.


Oh lordy we have sooo much to do getting our space up and running but the challenge is such fun and its great to see the place being transformed slowly but surely.

COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR… we’re going to need to wear sunglasses just to enter here soon  Check out some of photos in our blog as we go along. It’s all fun despite it being hard work. And the great thing is we will probably just keep going and going making different changes happen all the time. Nothing ever stays still in the ” Friendship Hub”



BUSY BUSY BUSY…our friends will have a GREAT reason to get out of bed every day!!

Why don’t you join us?

How You Can Get Involved

Please Visit our Friendship Hub to Donate your Pre-loved furnishings OR Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

There’s lots of work that needs doing in the Friendship Hub and it will of course be an ongoing project. Mad bright creative painting to walls floors and ceilings and not forgetting our outside space which we will be developing into a relaxing wildlife garden.

Sponsor Program

This is where all local businesses (or online) have an opportunity to ADVERTISE in just about any place imaginable. Wall, ceilings, indoor and outdoor space,  and of course on our website. If you want to run any special promotions for our visitors then you only have to say and we can work it out together. Any sponsorship funds we raise will be re-invested to provide jobs. Kickstart UK to employ up to 10 creative youth aged 16-24, here we come as soon as possible.


Jobs Creation


We’ve got a way to go yet, but we are aiming to provide several jobs in the future.

Times are tough and our youth are particularly affected by shortage of meaningful jobs as are folks over the age of 50.

Our sponsor program will be of great help so please spread the word to any small businesses that you know.