Friendship Matters Locally


 On the Cheshire/Flintshire Border UK


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Friendship Matters


Creates Opportunity to Change Lives


Creative Healing

In our amazing “Friendship Hub” we share a beautiful, inspirational and safe space, with persons who might be experiencing loneliness, anxiety or depression (mild to moderate mental health isssues) to come along and join in the fun of creative healing, crafting, up-cycling and other artistically expressional activities

Moving On Into Volunteering

In a super friendly, creative and supportive environment, we make it as easy as possible to help people take a step towards development of new skills and confidence, to understand the value of taking responsibility for their own lives and professional and personal development.


Moving On Into Work

Continuing on either directly from creative healing or from responsible volunteering experience we support people, should they choose to do so, to enter into the world of work, either into purposeful and meaningful jobs  (with us or in the wider community) or to start their own business.