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Friendship Matters.



Our application to employ 6-8 Youth (16-24yr olds) via the Govt Kickstart Scheme is in progress.


BUT… we have to pay 2 months wages in advance.

That’s circa 14k, and it’s an amount as a young Social Enterprise we simply have not got.


So we came up with a plan to CROWDFUND by creating and inviting people to share in AMAZING experiences that everyone can enjoy.


We have also created some great mutually beneficial ways for small businesses to contribute.


Please come along and join us


to massive unemployment

and the anxiety and depression

that thousands of our youth are currently experiencing.


BIG THANKS from Karen Maskall, Founder of Friendship Matters.


We NEED your help to create HOPE.

We NEED your help to create JOBS!

Together we can




We believe, and we’re sure you agree, that it is vitally important that this particular age group can get a foothold on life with meaningful and purposeful jobs, enabling them to grow and become the best that they can be whilst respecting and developing empathy with people and planet.

We have capacity to create jobs for 6-8 persons so we are aiming to start employing young persons as soon as possible via the Govt “KickStart Scheme” which is a fully funded work placement scheme for 16-24yr olds currently on unemployment/universal credit, many with little prospects.

The Govt pays the wages in full for 6 months BUT they fund us with reimbursements which are paid 2 month in ARREARS.

That’s a WHOPPING £14K that we need to generate in advance!


That’s why we need your help!


Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you

We need to raise £14,000 to provide the wages for 2 months in advance. As a young social enterprise we simply haven’t got that amount of money.

See the youth employees that you helped in action in our “Friendship Hub” welcoming our visitors and sharing in the fun of creatively up-cycling our donated furnishings.


Whether you’re a business owner or not we think we’ve got something worthwhile in exchange for your help.

Please browse through our perks below ( we may be adding more) and if there’s something for you then plase BOOK BOOK BOOK !



Unemployment in our local area (as all of UK) has risen dramatically in 20/21 with those over 55 and those between 16-24yrs old being particularly affected. We have capacity, as a creative enterprise caring for people and planet, to grow and create sustainable jobs which will in turn increase productivity and revenue, which will in turn create more jobs.



The Impact


It could be your son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter/nephew/niece or someone you just know.

We just HAVE to give our youth a chance.

In “our employ” our youth will learn many new skills appropriate to the creation of new from old (recycling/re-purposing) saving things from landfill and they will also learn soft skills like developing empathy with people and planet.

  • Life skills and understanding about the world of work
  • Team work and working on own initiative
  • Health & Safety in the workplace
  • Social media marketing and the associated photography/videography
  • Creating their own personal and professional portfolio
  • Mental Health : A basic understanding


Our youth are our future.

It’s time we gave them a meaningful and purposeful foothold in life.




Risks & Challenges



We’ve never done this before being entirely honest… and as a NEW employer it’s a challenging time with lots to learn for sure.

BUT the great news is we’re getting professional support as a new employer. “Youth Friendly Employer”

How good is that?

Exciting times and BIG learning curves all round.


We’re also utilizing the knowledge and skills and being fully supported by a highly accredited Govt Gateway and Chambers of Commerce, for our application to the Kickstart Scheme .


We’ll keep up you updated with our progress of course AND when we have each placement is fulfilled YOU will be able to visit us and see them in action and to wish them well on their journey.

I’m sure they will all look forward to meeting you!


IF we don’t reach the entire funding goal we will use everything we have to keep going and to keep growing, 1 step at a time, one job at a time.

“NEVER give up on a good thing”… as they say!

Thank-you   Thank-you   Thank-you


We need bums on seats! 

We need folks to come along and enjoy experiences with us! 

We also need small businesses to help us too!

Choose a UNIQUE Experience 

or a perk for your small biz below


Let’s GO GO GO

Creating Jobs for Our Youth


WOW Cuppa N Cake Experience


THIS is more than just a Cuppa N Cake. It’s a complete EXPERIENCE!


Enjoy the company of great friends in our Friendship Hub and help us take ONE more step towards jobs for our YOUTH


THANK-YOU and can’t wait to meet you!

View Cuppa N Cake Experience Now

WOW Colour Creation Experience

There’s no limit to the variety of shades, hues, and luminance that you can create from a few basic colours.

Enjoy the company of great friends in our Friendship Hub and help us take ONE more step towards jobs for our YOUTH

NB. Courses will be commencing from 1st August onwards. We will email you so you can choose the best dates and times to suit you. BOOK BOOK BOOK!


View Colour Creation Experience Now

Your Small Biz Ad on Our Wall


LIMITED Places for local small businesses to advertise on our walls and MORE!

Sweet as Pie and certainly something for our visitors to talk about.


Your biz certainly won’t be going unnoticed.

Check this out.  Once it’s gone it’s gone!

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