Thank-you sooooo much for booking your Colour Experience course with us. Your contribution will help us to provide jobs for our youth. One by one will get there… as I’ve previously mentioned our application to the Govt Kickstart Scheme is in progress but we have to find the two months wages in advance. Therein lies our CHALLENGE. But with your help TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

We really do look forward to meeting you. We just know you will enjoy this little course sooo much!

We just need a little bit more information as in your email address if that’s ok. Paypal doesn’t store email addresses anymore so it all gets a little bit tricky contacting our clients as you can imagine.

So will you please send us an email using the same name as you did with PayPal then we can tally up your booking (s) and come to some mutually
beneficial time for the experience. We can also help with any special requirements.

Just complete the form and expect a response with 24 hrs.
Thank-you once again

Karen Maskall
Friendship Matters Social Enterprise