Where on earth do we begin?

Well… we begin at the beginning and the only way is forward!

There’s soooo much to do sometimes it feels as though we’ll never get there.

But of course with sheer determination

and lots of love and kindness, we will.

Do you fancy helping out?



The Friendship Hub

We’re on a roll!!!

On Monday 19th April we got the keys to our friendship hub.
We’ve been getting the place and already been welcoming a few friends who tell us they LOVE what we’re doing and they LOVE that they know they can come along anytime and while away a couple of hours, meeting new friends and relaxing sharing in the fun of up-cycling and saving stuff from landfill.

Find us at Friendship Matters Brooklyn Farm Sealand Road Chester, Cheshire CH5 2LQ

Watch out for the signpost for Brooklyn Rd Creative spaces… it’s white with red lettering and opposite the other side of the road to Pro-Golf (500 yds away)

There is so much to and so much will be going on, not only in the hub itself, but in the background as we begin to:

…create spaces for up-cycling,displaying and retailing our donated furnishings

…create zones for our reading area, fish tank, bird watching, and guinea pigs

…take bookings for up-cycling and crafting classes,

…work in our garden getting it safe and welcoming for our volunteers to enjoy a coffee n cake

…and much more as you can imagine!

The organisation of our ongoing busy busyness, will adhere to latest govt guidelines for keeping everybody safe of course.

Please do get in touch with us if you are interested in volunteering or running classes in the Friendship Hub