Creative Healing

 You’re never alone when you’re amongst friends, doing good and saving stuff fom landfill.


How Does Creative Healing Work?

The creation or appreciation of art used to help people explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and work on social skills.

Block Booking

Any of our courses can be block booked if required for groups with specific needs/ requirements. We endeavour to be as flexible as possible to accommodate everybody.

If you are interested in attending any of our sessions for Creative Healing please be sure to contact us as we have limited numbers.


Flexibility & Adaptations

All of our sessions are inter-related and there may be times when there is clear overlap with other areas.

This means we can also adapt to requests to be able to experience another skill.. for example you may be booked in for colour experience but would prefer to have a go at furniture preparation or the finishing touches.

The idea is that you enjoy yourself and are relaxing so just ask on the day and we are only too willing to oblige.

Getting Here & Travel

Bus Stop is right outside in both directions and as we are on the Cheshire/ Flintshire border buses run to Flintshire areas, Chester and also the Wirral.

We are hoping to one day get a mini-bus which would be ideal, espeically to pick up group bookings referred to us from other organisations.

Travel costs may be re-imbursed on production of bus tickets.

If you are struggling to get here please let us know so we can try to help




Arts to Print to Decoupage

Learn how your ART can be “decoupaged” onto items of furniture to create a masterpiece.

Just come along and let’s CREATE!




Learn the techniques of Decoupage to transform just about anything.

Be prepared to get “sticking” Great fun.!



10am- 12.30pm

Furniture Preparation

Learn how furnishings are properly prepared for various up-cycling techniques.

It’s easy when you know how!


2pm -4-30pm

Glass painting and other small objects.

Unlimited what you can create

Turning trash into treasure!




10am- 12.30pm

Colour Mixing

Learn how any colours can be precision created and the recipe recorded so that any colour can be reproduced.

You never knew maths could be so much fun!


2pm -4-30pm

Turning modern items into antique looking

How can the most unusual unwanted objects be turned into something completely charming?

You will never look at things the same again!




Pick and Paint

Pick any item from our pick and paint corner and paint away to your heart’s content.   Expressive masterpieces here we come!



10am Onwards 

Garden Art

Let’s get creative in the wildlife garden.

Those little bugs need hotels and the sleepy winter wildflowers could do with a reminder that the world of colour still awaits them



 All day from 10 am thru 6pm

Would you like to help keeping “The Friendship Hub” colourful and very expressive?

Chance to paint on walls, floors, or wherever a lonely place needs a bit of cheering up. If crazy graffittee is your thing then why not?

 Treats all round as a GREAT BIG THANK-YOU.. maybe fish n chips for lunch too!

I had such a lovely time and I’m definitely coming back again. I had a little go at painting a small cupboard and I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed I became. Before I knew it I’d poured my heart out about something that was deeply troubling me and I felt really safe in doing so.  That shared trouble was most certainly a trouble halved and listened to in a non-judgemental way.

Loved it. See you all soon.


I’ve been back to Friendship Matters so many times now I’ve lost count. I can honestly recommend coming over for a visit as it’s such a friendly place and there’s so much that you can enjoy doing OR you can just relax. There’s a nice little reading corner and you might even fancy a game of chess with someone if they’re willing.

The best part for me is actually helping out in the hut.  There’s always plenty that needs doing that’s for sure. And even though I suffer from anxiety I’ve really enjoyed meeting new friends and as I’m told they just can’t keep me from talking and talking anymore.

When you visit I’ll more than likely be there too!


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I can’t actually draw or paint but it really doesn’t matter because somehow no matter what you do it just looks alright at the end of the day.

It was nice to be amongst people who were enjoying themselves too.

I’ll definitely be coming back because I enjoy good company and it was just something different to do and really very relaxing too!


Things To Do


Do you fancy joining in the fun of up-cycling and saving stuff from landfill?

Or perhaps you might enjoy helping out in the development of our wildlife garden?

How about learning new creative skills?

Maybe you have skills to share with others like Photography, Art, Crafting, Teaching, Carpentry, Being a friend, etc…

Or maybe you just like to be in good company, watching the goings on?

Or maybe you would just value somebody to talk to? …We’re good listeners!

There is so much that you can do in our Friendship Hub.

If you’re aged between 16-116 and especially if your’e feeling a little bit lonely, anxious or depressed we believe that being in the company of good friends & doing some good is perfect for you.

You’re most welcome to join us so why don’t you give it a try?

You will need to bring a packed lunch if you’re visiting all day but WE ARE WORKING ON IT!

Appropriate clothing…ie not your best frock or trousers!  Things can rather messy with paints etc in here sometimes… 🙂


Please contact us before you visit as we need to consider the numbers of visitors we are able to accommodate in any one session. Thank-you.